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Mid-Wilshire Los Angeles Courier Services

Mid-Wilshire is a neighborhood within central California offering a high diversity of cultures and well educated residents, most of whom have 4 year degrees. This makes the area a commercial hub with plenty of office parks, museums, research centers, and some of the best shopping districts in California. This also means that Mid-Wilshire Los Angeles Courier Services are highly sought after here, to aid with the busy lives of these professionals.

Geography of Mid Wilshire

The neighborhood of Mid-Wilshire is surrounded by Fairfax, Windsor Square, Koreatown, Hancock Park, Mid-City, Arlington Heights, Beverly Grove, and Carthay. One of the most famous areas and streets within Mid-Wilshire is the commercial shopping strip called Miracle Mile, which was designed and developed by A.W Ross in the 1920's. It is located along Wilshire Boulevard just east of Fairfax Avenue. Other well known areas in and around Mid-Wilshire include Park La Brea, Little Ethiopia, Olympia Medical Center, the World War 1 Memorial Library, Page Museum, the County Museum of Art, Hancock Park, and La Brea Tar Pits.

History of Mid-Wilshire's Miracle Mile

Miracle Mile is the main center of Mid-Wilshire and was once an unpaved farm road. Later on it was incorporated into the Pacific Electric Railroad System with Red Trolley cars running through the street. The developer A.W Ross saw the potential for development and aimed to revive the downtown district through the creation of a special automobile shopping district, which came with various "firsts" in road making including timed traffic lights, and dedicated left turn only lanes.

Population of Mid-Wilshire

The area of Mid-Wilshire is known to be very diverse with and fairly even distribution of races and ethnicities including whites, blacks, Asians, Latinos, Mexicans, and Koreans. There were roughly 41,683 residents as of 2000, and this was expected to have increased to 47,176 by 2008.

Education Facilities

There are many schools and education centers in Mid-Wilshire including Los Angeles Senior High, Shalhevet School, Hancock Park Elementary, Los Angeles Community Adult School, Westside Jewish Community Center, Queen Anne Place Elementary, the private Christian school, Rejoyce in Jesus, Yeshiva Gedolah private high school, and others.

Homes and Property

The Mid-Wilshire area provides a wide variety of homes for residents including apartments, condos, townhomes, single family homes, duplexes, and more. The residential areas in Mid-Wilshire are known to be fairly safe with the areas closer to Hancock Park and the west side of the neighborhood being better. These offer larger homes and more up market apartment buildings that have security guards.

Commercial and Professional Areas

There are so many professional and commercial areas in Mid-Wilshire, and these include hundreds of offices and shops in the retail and research sectors, development and engineering, and many others. This busy hub is just the type of place where you would require Mid-Wilshire Los Angeles Courier Services for professional or personal purposes. Plus with the heavy traffic, it is easier to employ a professional courier instead of driving around yourself.

Aside from the usual science and technology, health, accountancy, retail and other industries, there is also a large video production service industry in Mid-Wilshire that will require the use of courier services frequently to save time and money.

Why Use Mid-Wilshire Los Angeles Courier Services?

By securing important documents with Mid-Wilshire Los Angeles courier services, you can ensure that they reach their destination quickly, easily, and safely.